The Navigame

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Just a week remains until the New Year 2012 comes. The last year was the first one we at Luxoft have been able to make the maximum contribution to the development of the next-generation car navigation system which we are working on since 2008. The most prominent thing is the complete responsibility for the production chain, of course. At the same time the software products we are developing have matured a lot - thanks to all my colleagues, past and present.

As I really appreciate what our guys have done and are doing and at the same time I want to remember and cherish the good time we had in 2011, I decided to write a simple computer game on how we work. So, meet The Navigame:

After some trials and errors I decided to make it looking like a paper sketch (most likely soon I'll assemble a new version with enhanced graphics which I've asked my friend for). The good thing is that here I've finally found an application for the TTF-font I created two years ago.

The goal of the game is to develop the navigation system and to compile digital maps - as much as possible. For this you have a pool of skilled developers and map production engineers which can be assigned different tasks. There are developers who create the navigation software and production engineers who build the maps using the map compiler which is a part of navigation. The more the navigation system is feature-complete, the bigger maps can be handled with it. There are also some athmospheric features like customer PM or developers' curses. You basically should (a) finish the navigation development, (b) fulfil the map production plan and (c) earn as much money as possible.

To all people we worked with during the last 2-3 years: there are good chances that you find yourself inside the game - so give it a try :)

The source code, readme and binary download are available on Github at It is required to have JRE installed as the game is developed in Java using Slick and LWJGL.

All contributions and feedback are warmly welcome.


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Это только меня передергивает, когда я слышу/вижу это слово? Нет, правда.

Кто решил, что экспертиза в русском языке обозначает то же самое, что expertise - в английском?
  • "Наша экспертиза позволяет нашей компании выполнять проекты самого высокого уровня сложности"
  • "Экспертиза отдела разработки ПО на базе Java составляет 3 года"
  • "Это позволяет EPAM накапливать экспертизу и успешно применять ее в проектах."
  • "Расскажите о вашей экспертизе с Informatica"
Предлагаю определиться. Экспертиза - хоть Ушакова откройте, хоть Брокгауза и Ефрона, хоть словарь иностранных слов - означает примерно следующее:

Экспертиза [лат.; см эксперт] - исследование какого-л, вопроса, требующего спец. знаний, с представлением мотивированного заключения, напр, врачебная э., бухгалтерская э.
 А то, что сертифицированные менеджеры и пубертатные девелоперы пытаются выдать за экспертизу - это калька с английского. По-русски это будет "опыт", возможно "знания" - по контексту, но никак не "экспертиза". Экспертиза - это исследование, изучение чего-либо.